Possible to add information about subtitles with Thumbgen?

Hi all,

First of all a BIG thank you to you modders and template designers. I just wish WD could work with you guys to make it even better. Anyway, to my question.

I currently use Joey Smith’s Media Flag template (looks great by the way but please finish the Alaska one) and I was wondering if it was possible, either with Thumbgen or something else, to add informations about available subtitles? I wouldn’t mind looking around the code to add it manually, but I was asking first before doing anything else.

Bad News … Alaska … GONE

I blame myself for not making backups…

and Blame Western Digital for the Bug that Deletes Users Themes.


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Maybe the easiest way  to get this done is to add it somewhere on your sheets.

Pick a spot, add Subtitles: %SUBTITLES% to the template and it looks like this:

Note: This will only work with subtitles inside the movie container like .mkv or .m2ts. Seperate .srt files are not detected by ThumbGen.

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Oh my… that’s terrible news indeed Joey =(

Thanks Medic, although you have confirmed that I can’t do it. I usually rip my movies (in mp4) and look around the web for subtitles that match (95% I find something correct) or change the time I rip it so it matches. I’ll probably see if I can switch to MKV easily from MP4 to embed subtitles and add it like you said.

And something else before I go, is it better to have less movies in folder that a lot in regards to custom UI? Like I said, I use Joey Smith’s Media Flag and I find the responsiveness of the remote slugglish when I am in some folders (which have 200+ movies). I think I need to seperate them in “genre” folders, but haven’t done that yet.

I can’t tell you how to go from mp4 to mkv but using MKVToolNix to embed subs in a .mkv is easy.

Genre folders makes it a bit easier to go through your movies but even then when your movie collection is getting larger you might end up with the same result …

just wanted to say you can use  %ALLSUBTITLES% that will work for both internal subs and external as in srt and sub