Possible problem with 3TB MBL and laptop

I have a Thinkpad T60, i had previously purchased a 3B HDD and it didn’t work because the bios firmware was capped out a 2TB and they haven’t upgraded since 2011.  Would that pose a problem with the MBL, perhaps i should downgrade?

No, it won’t be a problem.   NAS doesn’t have the same BIOS limitations that USB/SATA/IDE drives have.

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Sweet, thank you for the fast response.

So the problem I’m having now is that the dashboard says not found.  Could that have something to do with my router?

You could try logging into your router and checking the DHCP connections list - see if it shows up there. Otherwise check its logs for new connections.

If it doesn’t appear there you could try rebooting the unit - just ensure theres a steady green light before powering down (pulling power lead).