Possible for WD SMP to not add .BMK files?

Is there a setting in the WD SMP to not have it add .bmk files to the folders ?  Not something I have a use for, and only clutters up the folders.

Thank you…

bmk files are resume points for DVD ISOs used with navigation.

If you have no need for it, you can just turn DVD mode off.  I think (but am not sure) that will prevent it from creating those files.

Thanks Tony By turning off ‘DVD Mode’ what other features will one lose, if any ? BTW I did a search of the online manual (Streaming Media Player) for ‘DVD Mode’ and couldn’t find anything. Does it go under a different name or term ? I’d like to read up on that. Thank you…

Sorry, it’s actually called “DVD Menu.” It’s under Video Settings.

Turning it off disables the interactive navigation of a DVD and just treats them as an ordinary video file.