Possible Fix for Wifi Streaming Stuttering/Freezing?

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on wdc community.  I just wanted to share an issue that has bothered me since purchasing WDTV Live SMP.  I wirelessly stream videos (especially HD .mkvs) from my desktop.  The device has performed really well, with one major exception.  I experience stuttering/freezing while watching.  It usually happens at about the first hour of watching.  I would then need to stop the video, then resume.  Really, really annoying. 

I searched this form and many others for possible solutions.  Upgrading firmware, changing UPNP settings…however, nothing seemed to work.  I even had stuttering/freezing playing non-HD content (like TV shows).  Really could not understand why this was doing this.

While exploring my router’s page, I noticed QoS (Quality of Service) setting.  By default, my Cisco E4200 QoS has Internet Access Priority disabled.  I then enabled it.  I clicked on Add a New Application, entered “WDTV” (you can name it anything) in Enter a Name.  Priority was selected on High.  Then press Apply.  In the Summary section, you will need to press Edit.  Then enter your device’s unique MAC address.  Save the settings.

I understand that not everyone has a Cisco E4200 router.  However, a QoS setting should be somewhere in your router’s admin page. 

Since changing the QoS setting, I have watched more than a dozen HD movies (720p).  Not once have I experienced it stuttering or freezing.  It plays absolutely perfect!  I hope it will continue to do so.  I do hope that this will work for anyone experiencing these streaming problems.

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Nice dude, thanks for sharing.