Portable WD Drive Unlocker on USB Stick?

Background: I keep (Macrium Reflect) image backups on a password protected My Passport Ultra external USB drive. Normally, using the computer, attaching My Passport to the computer via an USB 3 connector, the WD Unlocker icon pops up as a CD-Drive, allowing me to enter the password in the window provided. Works fine!

Problem: When booting with the WinPE Rescue CD created by the Macrium Reflect software, the My Passport drive is not visible as it’s password protected. I have found no way to unlock the drive via the WinPE Rescue CD’s file manager. The WD Unlocker icon shows up as a CD-Drive, but, does not work. Neither does the WD Security software, which could also unlock the drive under normal circumstances.

Looked for Solution: What I need is a “portable” WD Drive Unlocker placed on an USB stick. Is this feasible, and, if so, which files do I need to put on the USB stick to make this work? Thanks.

Hi, I have not tried this and I do not know if its possible, lets see if another user can provide some guidance on how to accomplish this, if its possible.


Again, the lack of qualified replies proves the uselessness of this forum. Can’t believe that I’m the only one facing this issue … and, too, the fact that no WD staffer lurks here. Oh well…

Opened a support ticket, but, so far no feedback.

Hi. I realise that it is some time since the original post, but with over 200 views, I thought the following might be useful to some.

I have also encountered this problem recently. I am using a Windows PE-based recovery system with a 64 bit OS and UEFI (not BIOS). I understand that 32 bit programs (like the unlocker) will not run in a 64 bit PE environment, and you can only use a 64 bit PE environment on a 64 bit UEFI system. I haven’t found a 64 bit version of the unlocker.

Submitted a support ticket and hoping for a positive response.

A positive response would indeed be nice! I’m reluctant to travel with non-encrypted USB backup drives, so the only workaround I have found (not a good one) is to have my drive unlocked via a 3rd party computer. Granted that you can find one computer-person “willing” to help out by downloading and installing the WD Security Program.

At any rate, I did receive a reply from WD to my original support ticket. Let me quote WD Support comments (from several in that rather ‘heated’ exchange) that I find sums it all up:

Quote: Thank you for your reply. We had a similar case in the past regarding the Unlocker and we got the confirmation [from technical support] that this is not possible as this is programmed like this. This is for security reasons for the encryption of the drive. Any alteration to this would not provide the 256 encryption. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further. But in conclusion you have a very specific or unusual requirement.

Sincerely, [name removed]…
Western Digital Service and Support
http://support.wdc.com End Quote

The way I see it, a rather meek reply by someone who probably never travels. Oh well…