Portable hard drives with WD Live

For many months I used both a 320 gig WD Passport & the 500 gig Toshiba equivalent with one of the original WD Media Players & more recently a first generation WD Live. A couple weeks ago, both players suddenly stopped acknowledging either drive when plugged in. (Both players still work with thumbdrives.) I just bought the new streaming WD Live, & tried the drives. It told me it’s unable to write to the WD Passport & doesn’t read the Toshiba at all. Both hard drives work flawlessly with computers. Any idea what can be done? Thanks

Since this is happening with all of your players you may try to reformat both drives and retry.  If there is data on the drives you need to keep make sure to transfer it to the computer before formatting them.

Did you try running a check disc or something equivalent on the drives? You may have bad sectors or something. Since they are still accessible on the pc, which is good, you can back up before doing a repair, or reformat if necessary.