Port 9000 will stream, mytwonky won't

I have .avi files in the default Shared Videos folder, and while they will stream through the browser if I access the server through IP:9000, every time I try to play them on Twonky.com, it says the video is either unsupported or invalid. The test video, which is a .wmv plays fine, however.

Is this a twonky issue or an mbl issue?


to clarify

your title states “mytwonky won’t”

I assume that youve upgraded to twonky 7.x, since the version that comes with the mbl is 5.x

and mytwonky didnt exist then for the product

your saying when you connect to the mbl via the twonky web interface that the files in question work


but when you goto mytwonky web site while connected to your local network

that the same files in question do no work


I think a few things

  • possibly a mytwonky issue talking to your twonky server on the mbl

  • possibly the twonky client profile assigned to the pc your on when doing this

  • possibly need to enable twonkyproxy on the twonky server running on the mbl

(doing this would depend on what guide you followed to upgrade to 7.x if that is what you did)