Poor Warranty Support

Has anyone had any issues with product support on their Sentinel product?

I’ve had a drive fail and after numerous e-mails back & forth, WD will replace the drive under warranty.

The problem is I’m in Australia and have the return the drive first before it will be replaced. i have an RMA but nothing else. Not info on where the drive is to go or anything along those lines. I’ve had FedEx call me asking to pick it up, but i have no export paperwork that’s required.

I’ve been waiting several weeks for WD to send me this info, but they seemed to have stopped responding to my e-mails.

Maybe someone in WD will see this and respond


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

consider yourself lucky.
my fan failed after a month When my RMA ended.
they couldnt even recommend me where i should get it fix let alone any other support. support is a joke in my country.