POOR ... very POOR Service from WD

bought a Mybook 3 month ago, installed it, worked fine and the features were absolutely satisfying. All of a sudden, PC does not correspond with MyBook anymore and displayed it with a yellow light. Going through different forums, where I couldnt find a proper solution, let me to write to customer service.

2 weeks later an autmated reply saying, that their aim is to answer within one (1) business day (remember, I wrote to them 2 weeks earlier) again 2 weeks later another email saying “Customer Satisfaction Survey for WD support” during that month, have I neither received a solution or a personal email trying to find a solution for my problem.

One month later an email from them, starting with “As I understand you need to have assistants for the My book.” and a solution, which I have done myself earlier. Ever since NOTHING.

Now I have called the customer support and they are offering that I have to send the MyBook to Germany and they are trying to recover the data, if not this product will be send back to me.

All I can say is 

NEVER EVER Western Digital !!!

Sorry to hear that dude :confounded:, at least they are trying to help to recover your files.

Totaly agree! Never Ever WD!!!