Poor DNLA performance, unable to list Itune mount

Ok, WDMycloud, newly purchased, latest firmware installed (v04.01.02-417).

Network is 4 Windows 8.1 machines, 2 STV (Sony and LG), Asus U68 Router and a N2200Plus. - In Homegroup (computers) and all use the same workgroup name, all devices are set to share files.

The WD is set to share media files properly, and all media content on the network has been copied to their respective public folders.

DLNA indexing has been done, with 28k music track processed and indexed (majority MP3). In settings (and in Twonky settings) the system is now idle - IE indexing is complete).

Itune server is up and running, with indexing completed - as far as I can tell.

Linking the media files directly play fine in both media players and Itune (and Winamp…)


DLNA: Windows Media player (from any machine) will only load a small subset of the index, ramdomly; So far Ihe most files I have seen under other libraries (WDMyCloud) is in the 10s. - There shoudl be multiple 1000’s. This is somewhat better with the Smart TV players, where approx 100 - 200  songs are visible.

ITUNE: While the share is visible from the Itune application, selecting it result in a “loading WDMycloud”  message followed in quick order by a return to mymusic (where there is no files … as they were all moved to the server).

I tried:

Rescanning, rebuilding, resetting, the indexes in both the WD Mycloud dashboard and Twonky server menu, Resetting the Itune index, system factory restore and have not been able to get any other results than the above.

It should be noted that the drive reports no errors and content scan is idle (all green checkmarks with all items discovered) in the dashboard.

What am I doing wrong?

Update -

In an effort to further drill into this issue, I used a N2200Plus NAS, which also has an Itune server; I enabled the server on this system (ISO) and Itune does mount the share  and display an empty list (even as there are no files in it as the media is on the WDMyCloud),

In contrast, trying to mount the share from WDMyCloud results in the loading message and a reset to mymusic - as if the mount is denied (but no errors).

I re-checked and can confirm that all folders related to multimedia under shared folder are set public; only one user default (admin).

Getting at wits end. - Oh, reasons for not placing the files on the N2200Plus is that that NAS is slow and used strickly as a long term backup as it is fully RAID imaged).