Poor Design 2

The Elements HD also was also “designed” with NO “drive activity indicator” on the front panel " to let the user know

when the drive is in use. Like no ventilation, here’s another item that the “bright laddy” thought to be unnecessary :o(

It’s not funny, it’s sick.

Uhm, MINE has one…  The 640GB WDBAAR6400ABK Elements… and it’s bright, too.  What’s the part number of yours that DOESN’T have one?

I have the Elements 320gig portable drive with a light on it, I have stuck black electrical tape on it to hide it.:smileyvery-happy:

As for no ventilation and over heating ???, mine is plugged in to a tv and running looping advertising mkv files for over 12 hours a day for about 3 months now, never noticed it to get any more than warm to touch.