Pointing my browser at my router's IP invokes the My Cloud dashboard login…

Hoping someone can help with a fix for what I think is a simple problem. When I point my browser to (my router), what appears is the My Cloud dashboard login screen, with the URL showing The My Cloud definitely has a specific DHCP reservation. I flushed my Mac’s DNS cache (no idea if that’s even relevant), cleared the browser history/cache, no luck. Any suggestions? I’d like my router’s IP address to go to my router’s dashboard login and not get hijacked by the My Cloud dashboard… Thanks.

It’s not the mycloud’s doing, I suspect.

It can only be your router.

Are you sure that is the correct IP address for your router?

Is your MyCloud configured for DHCP IP address?

If you disconnect your MyCloud and try again, what happens?

Have you reset your router?

Yes, the router’s address is correct, the My Cloud is set for DHCP, the reservation is configured correctly on the router, all that is good. I’ll try disconnecting the My Cloud and rebooting the router later.

This issue has cropped up for me for years, and I’m not sure what triggers it. Rebooting the router/disconnecting the drive is probably what has fixed the problem in the past, I don’t remember exactly. I just thought there might be an easier fix, or a more permanent one. Pointing to the router will bring up the router’s dashboard for a while, then at some point (probably after using the My Cloud’s dashboard), the router’s IP suddenly stops connecting to the router and switches to the My Cloud dashboard instead. Weird.

Reading your issue I was like huh? How is that even possible?

@cpt_paranoia is right it’s with your router. Somehow somewhere it’s confused after awhile. Clearing DNS/Cache won’t help because it’s not DNS issue as you’re trying to connect to a local IP.

Which brand/model/firmware is your router? Do you have a multi-NAT environment i.e. more than one router that one acts as a bridge?

I would suggest you research more on the router, maybe try finding newer/older firmware or removing the IP reservation if any. I’m not sure if this could help, but I was thinking somehow your NAT got mixed up between local and external since both devices are using port 80. Try disabling the router’s UPnP if any, set the MyCloud’s port manually to 9080/9443 from the Dashboard, then forward both these ports from your router to your MyCloud’s IP i.e. 192.168.1.[2…254]. Just my 2cents…

What’s the make and model of the router?