just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully stream mkv to a wdtv live plus with a Pogoplug?

Pogoplug connects your external hard drives to the Internet so you have full access to your home content.

The WD TV Live is not a external drive nor does it have one inside of it.

How do you have it set up?

external drives hooked up to the pogoplug - the wdtv live can see the files and drives and even play avi - but wont play mkv - if I connect the hard drives direct to the wdtv live, no problem, plays everything.

So it looks like it depends on your signal strength.

I would be looking at your network and seeing if you have enough bandwidth for the media you are trying to play.

I have it wired so signal should not be an issue.

ok  so I have a pogoplug pink and have found out how to successfully stream mkv (still need to test 1080p - wired) to my WDTV live plus.

I started here: http://www.ctrlaltdeleted.com/?p=3  and had difficulty editing the smb file (not familiar with vi) so used nano. Got excellent help here : http://www.pogoplugged.com/forum/thread/16257/unable-to-edit-smb.conf-file/?page=2#14190