Plugging in 2 external hard drives

I’m sure this topic has been touched before but I couldn’t find anything about it.  We currently have 2, 2 TB hard drives plugged in via USB to the HD Plus media player, but it’s only recognizing one of them.  When I unplug one, the other is found but once I plug the new one in, that’s the only one it can find.  I’m confused why it’s not reading both of them at the same time.  So each time I want to watch something from the other hard drive, I have to shut down, unplug one and then reboot.  There’s got to be an easier way.  Any suggestions?

“Signature Collision”

Both drives shipped from with the same unique ID.

The WDTV thinks they’re the same drive.

Hook both up to a PC and go into “Disk Management”. ( Control PanelAdministrative ToolsComputer ManagementDisk Management )

One will show up as “Online” and have a drive letter, and the other one will show as “Offline” and say there’s a “Signature Collision” when you mouse over the “Offline” text.

If you right-click and “Set Online”, Windows will give the drive a new signature, and then they both can be used simultaneously on the WDTV (or the PC).

Any idea how to do this on a Mac??  Both are formatted in a MAC OS Extended (journaled) format. 

It makes it easier, one is a “simple 2tb” and the other is a “hitachi 2tb” 

Sorry… my other post was assuming they were 2 the same, and that you had access to a PC, because that problem (and solution) has come up before.

Try with Journaling turned off… I don’t think it’s supported by the WDTVs.

I would except that it is playing with the journaled… just 1 at a time.  when you unplug one the other shows up, unplug that one and the other is there…