Pls help and advice, Verociraptor!

I have 2x 1tb Raid 0 verociraptor, but deosnt capture 8,10, 12 bit  uncompress video file, please advice me , which harddrive support uncompress video 8 -12 bit video file,? im just new into this please help and advice me on what type of hard drive i need to run HD video  and 3D smoothly,

Hi well I am not sure what video files you are talking about .mkv or ??. Those hard drives are fast enough to play any hd or 3d but as usual it is not only hard drive speed that allows you to play hd content. So depending on what program you use to play the video files your CPU or your video card does all the work is it fast enough to do this, what CPU is it. Now when we use a program like power DVD it can use the video card to play the hd content and is much faster there are a few different programs that can use the video card to play but vlc is not one. So a example of this would be a netbook it can output 1080p to a TV but only if you use the right program to play the video. So with a video card enabled program  a nvidia video card it would use the cuda cores to play, with a ATI card it would use ATI stream giving very smooth video. So it is not generally the hard drive that makes it run slow but the CPU or video card is not being used. Hope this helps, not really sure what type of video you are trying to work with.

i believe what i have can do job, cause i ran disk test it shows it cant read or write uncompress video file,  i used  black editition  before it was ok but sudenly start failing, then i decided to go for VerocRaptor, but end up like this  ,

this is my spec,  nivdia quadro 5000 graphic card, blackmgic desing video card hd extreme 3d, x58 Asus motherboard, 12gig ram, processor core i7 990 3,47khz,  window 7 64bit,  it supose to be ok

Hi well I would contact WD and see what they have to say I use the raptors myself and have never had a problem with them but I dont use them the same way you do. I think that  the only way you will get the right answer is from WD.