Plex with Fire TV Cube on PR2100

Just got my PR2100 delivered as swap for my synology 209J. Looks great with the embedded Plex server. Upgraded it manually to version 1.16 (WD stops at 1.15).
Problem is my Fire TV Cube Plex app is requesting version 1.3 which I can’t find ON WD or Plex websites?
Plz advise how to move one…

Don’t search for the outdated Plex servers, just update your client.
You may need to buy a new media player.

Logged out and back in on Fire TV box plex app. Figure it out, the error message is gone now.!!..
But not all movies on my server are visible yet. Will do a reset of the dbase on the PR2100 so the Fire TV can rebuild it’s library and hopefully I’ll be up and runing shortly.