Plex Media Server DLNA problem

I just installed the latest Plex Media Server on my Mac. It is the first version that serves DLNA content. It has a file specifically for WDTV streaming.

My problem is that my Streaming Media Player does not display all the metadata. Other Plex users with the older WDTV boxes have no problem.

I tried setting up the Media Library but it did not see Plex. If I add Plex as a media server it shows the title and poster art but nothing else.

I’m not sure if it’s my setup, which is plain vanilla as far as I can tell, or whether it’s an issue with the SMP.

Anyone else using Plex?

DLNA doesn’t serve the “Content Info” Metadata.   

 Other Plex users with the older WDTV boxes have no problem.

Older WDTV boxes don’t do content info metadata at all, so I don’t know what that comparison indicates.

Thanks for the reply but I wasn’t asking about something that you had no idea about. I was hoping for something a little more constructive because clearly people are doing it.

This is a link to the discussion on the Plex forums:

I probably should have put that in my first post. I was hoping for a reply from someone who had some experience with Plex or other DLNA servers.