Plex Media Server app "configure" button - "Safari Can't Open Page"

I’m not a network guy, so I have little understanding with what may be causing this, but I’m trying like hell to learn.

My issue is seen when I click the “configure” button through http://mycloudPR2100.local, I get the page failing to load; “Safari can’t open the page because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection.”

Luckily, I can still access my PMS through and also through the PMP app on my computer. If I should provide more details in order to further diagnose what is occurring here I’d be happy to. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

First of all, you want to make sure you are on same subnet with server, otherwise it may be simple port forwarding issue.
Not sure, but I have feeling that Plex is configured to drop insecure connections by default.
Access the plex via, go to Settings > Server > Network, There should be Secure connections dropbox on the top. If it set to Required, try setting it to Preferred and try again in safari to access locally.
Please post the outcome.

That was the problem! I had apparently set it to “Required” at some point. I guess in my dumb-mechanic brain I saw the word “Required” as an option concerning a “Secure Connection” and thought, “Hey, I should probably check this.”

I appreciate your help; that was driving me nuts! Happy Holidays!

Actually, Required is way safer. If you want to keep it that way, simply go to the adress bar of page that pops out when you click the Configure button, it should begin with http:// . Add s, so it starts with https:// and press enter, should work that way either with Required secure connections.

Man, you are a champion this morning! All I had to do was make the change (add the ‘s’) and add it to my bookmark bar. Now I can click that instead of opening through the machine page’s “App” section, and I can leave it in the “Required” position too now. Sincerely, thanks.