Plex Media App

I followed the instructions here
However, there are NO APPS listed per the instructions in the above file. Am I missing something?

That happens occasionally. Usually a simple reboot will fix it and allow the app list to populate.

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Thank you for your reply. I will try that and report back. The unit is brand new and installed on Saturday.

I rebooted. The apps are there now. However, the local ip address to the device is responding extremely sluggish. That was not happening before. Odd.

Well, if you just installed PLEX and have it already indexing your media, that is CPU intensive. So it will behave sluggishly until it’s completed.

I didn’t install anything. It just rebooted and came back and behaved very slowly. I got tired of it and reset it and now it works flawlessly as it did out of the box. Very weird.

Hi!! this is my first post or answer, sorry for my english.
Sometimes the link to the local ip address become slow, but the reason will be the router that you are using. Before reboot your CLOUD, try to reboot your router first and check if the link respone become faster.
Hope that my answer will be useful for ya!