Plex doesnt work

Hallo, i am a newbie. Thanks vor Help.

IT is a wd my Home Cloud Duo, not a nas

A half year ago i activate Plex, ist functiond , but last week it disapear. Not to found, the Plex directory, or Plex Media. Do I de activate Plex in wd discovery and i activate ist again. But nothing happend.

Do you have a tip?

Excuse my bad english.


Hi Giessi,

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Hi P. Brandon.

After2 weeks i can not reach the plex server

Could you see what happend ?

Think you


Hi Giessi,

You can follow the steps mentioned below in this concern.

  • Open a web browser to
  • Sign In your My Cloud Home account
  • Click Services
  • Click on Plex
  • Click Disable
  • Click Disable Service at the popup
  • Reboot the My Cloud Home device
  • Configure Plex

Dear Brandon,

In this way, or similiar i done 4 weeks ago.

The result

First, i deactivate, but ist give me not the possibilty to activate. Wd Software hang down for days.

Next wd does not work any more

After restart the complete loading of the Files to Plex needs 4,5 days.

I think you know thats for me not the best solution. Ist there another possibilty?

And the main question:. Why happend this, why loose the wd the Connection.

Happy to a new answer


Hallo again,

Could you tell me the reason, why plex loose the connection.


What a crazy Thing.

I Open wd in a Browser
I click configure
IT Open a Window: how to Put Files to Plex.
When is Open automatical the Plex Server, Media Player in a Window in the Browser and

The old Files and Pictures, Pictures are there

How Strange


Dear Brandon,

here i am again

since 1 week plex doesnt work again. no connection

in my wd desktop discovery isnt any app named plex.
where i can configure it again