Plex DL-4100 Help


help . How many users can at the same time watch
on plex. on wd cloud dl-4100
my internet is 80 download / upload 20
I will be grateful for your response.


I do not believe your internet speeds are relevant, only your home network speeds which really need to be controlled by a gigabit router.


That is true, unless any media is being streamed to devices outside of the local area network, but yes. It within the local (home) network then it’ll work. :slight_smile:


I have the same question as the original post about the number of external streaming accesses. I’ve done some basic testing by having 8 Plex logons streaming externally at the same time. I’ve even had 3 of the 8 streaming the same movie. So far, all of them were able to stream externally with no issues. It would be good to know the upper limit the the DL4100 can handle in a read only streaming environment.


I assume that the movies you were streaming were in the player’s native format then? In other words, the DL4100 did not have to do any transcoding prior to streaming the movie?