Plex created versions of video files that I don't have permission to remove

Mostly a beginner here but know just enough to be dangerous :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what’s important to know so I’ll just throw it out there:

Have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS that I manage via Mac. I’ve created a Plex account to be able to stream home videos to a Samsung TV (Plex App).

For the most part I have it working, but there are some older *.avi videos that are encoded with DVVIDEO and won’t play back on TV or on Plex web. So I’ve learned to “optimize” them in Plex and these new versions of the video files (mp4) play in Plex. All good.

However - in doing so, Plex has created subfolders on my NAS to store the newly optimized mp4 video files. My problem is: when I use Finder on Mac to manage my files/folders on NAS, I don’t have permission to do anything with these Plex-created files. Can’t delete them, can’t move them. For some reason I can copy - but can’t paste so essentially can’t copy, etc…

Even if I “remove” the optimized version in Plex - it does remove the pointer in the catalog to the optimized version, but it does NOT remove the actual optimized, newly-encoded mp4 file on the NAS.

I suppose it does make sense that the Plex account actually created the files and I don’t have permission as a WD user in that share, but at the same time, how the heck do I manage these new files? I don’t see how I can do that in Plex, and I’m dead in the water with permission as a user on my own NAS.

See screen shot here of my NAS folders. So for example, for the Disney home video - when I asked Plex to optimize so I could play it back, Plex created the subfolders “Plex Versions/Original Quality” along with the new file “Disney Movie Only v27.mp4”

I don’t have permission to do anything with that new mp4 file (can’t delete, move, copy, etc.)

I hope this makes sense and thanks for any insights.