Please tell me there's a way to disable the interface being re-displayed during loop repeat playback

Hi everyone.

So my company just purchased one of these units yesterday to install on our lobby 1080p TV display. We wanted it so we could run our company demo in loop playback.

The problem right now (and this is a huge problem, we’ll have to return this product if it can’t be fixed) is that everytime the video gets to the end (it’s about 3 minutes long), it loops correctly but everytime it makes the info bar popup again for a few seconds… and everytime it also insists on displaying a message about the audio track being unknown or unsupported (this is normal, there is NO audio in our demo reel).

I’ve looked everywhere in the settings to disable this but couldn’t find it.

Cmon WD… this is not acceptable! I understand that this should appear at the start of a single play video… but NOT if it’s in loop repeat! It looks very unprofessional to have this info bar and “Error message” popup every 3 minutes and for us it is simply a deal breaker.

Please tell me I’ve overlooked some setting somewhere… or if there’s another workaround.

Thanks for your time.

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I’d like to clarify… the info bar doesn’t popup on loop playback… just the audio track selection.

There needs to be a way to disable this or to have it only show up the very first time… not everytime it loops.

I think there is an idea about this in the Ideas Lab. If there isn’t than definatly post one - I’d like to see this disable-able also.