PLEASE READ -Using WD 320 Gb Mini Portable External Hardrive

Hi I just got a WD 320 Gb Mini Portable External Hardrive for my Macbook.  I just want to use this to store some movies and files I have to save space on my computer.  I try to drag and drop but it doesn’t let me. Please help.  How can I accomplish this?

Hi there,

Your drive comes preformatted for Windows computers in NTFS file system. You will need to reformat the drive for your Mac in order to transfer files to it. I’ve included a link with instructions on how to perform this task:

Hope it helps :)…

Keep in mind that if the drive fails 20 seconds after you move your movies to it then you are very likely to lose them. Be sure to have a backup somewhere else for the sake of your data if it is important.