Please provide dedicated support for Enterprise products and/or resellers


I’ve got a problem on an Enterprise-class HDD (WD3000FYYZ, “re”). I’m a reseller. My wholesaler (where I bought the HDD) can not exchange it. And the WD support seems to be the same for end-user customers, enterprise customers, and resellers/partners. It is also the same for entry-level disks and enterprise HDDs. Moreover, to get an “anticipated” exchange, you have to provide your CB number. As my company does not have a CB, I have to provide my personal CB number.

It seems obvious end user customers do not have the same needs than Enterprise customers, or  resellers/patners. Then, it seems obvious the support channels could not be the same.

Enterprise pay more for their products, but they also need more in term of support. The actual support is poor (to stay correct). It’s not an “enterprise-level” support. I’m an anterprise and a reseller. My company does not have a CB. Giving a CB number is not a suitable process for enterprises/resellers.

Moreover, your support web site is not stable enough for enterprise processes. It’s been down since this morning, and I can not log a RMA request. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for enterprise support.

I’ve got a dead HDD. It’s been two full days now I’m trying to log a RMA request for a “re” HDD, and it’s still not done. There seem to be no claim or escalation process. And I have to give my personal CB number. This is definitely not an acceptable process for support/exchange for enterprises and resellers.

Your enterprise products may be the best of the world, if it takes me two days just for logging a RMA request, and I can’t get an immediate anticipated exchange for a “re” HDD, then I won’t be able to use (and sell) them in systems I build for my customers.

Please provide dedicated support / RMA path for resellers and/or anterprises and/or high-end products.

Thank you for your attention, and sorry for the inconvenience. You ask people to tell you wha’ts going wrong, and what could be improved. That’s what I’m trying to do. I really enjoy your hardware. But your current RMA processes do not allow me to use them anymore.

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(follow-up of my previous message) :

I have a technical problem. I called the support number several times. The guy was cool. But he was unable to process my request. I’m completely dissatisfied about the support I received.

Moreover, there are several underdeath problems, that can’t be handled by leel-1 support technician. The purpose is not to examine those problems here.

The problem here is : How can I tell / escalate that ? Level-1 hotline tech does not have the answer. But he does not have the ability to (or does not want to) log a “claim”, or to forward the request to anything else.

The best hardware is nothing without a good support. Please provide a claim process, quality problem report, quality feedback surveys or escalation processes, for situations where level-1 support answers are not sufficient / not acceptable.

Thank you.

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I have passed along your recommendations to WD Support for a follow-up.