Please, Improve Zooming Function like the Ps3's Zooming function

The zooming function ■■■■■ on my WDTV but it doesn’t keep me from using it but it does make me use it less and use my PS3 to play media content. Zooming on the ps3 is perfect i don’t know how they do it but it will perfectly zoom to the video i display. Please, Maybe increase the zooming ability because most of the time my videos arn’t widescreen while my tv is. I will buy another once i see this is fixed for my other TV in my bedroom.

Anyway great product though… I just don’t understand how PS3 can play my media better than my WDTV when its a gaming console. I’m very glad that you fixed many other bugs that i noticed are now fixed with the update.

Hi there! I am fully on board with these thing’s you noticed! You are 100% right! Let’s just hope the WD team are receptive to our coments and fix this bugs in the next update!

 I have 2 other problems though…

   1) Lack of DTS support on WD TV Box 1st generation

   2) VIDEO_TS (DVD format) incorect palying… they play those files, but not like the ordinary DVD players would, i mean you can’t get menu functions, chapters, only plays them as a single file…

Thank’s for reading! :slight_smile:

             regards from Athens - Greece !!!