Please help

Hello. First of all i dont even know if this is the correct place to be asking for help, but i did call customer service they said they couldnt help then they told me to call my computer company, they couldnt help so i need your help. So i bought a WD My Book 4TB a long time ago maybe a year ago plugged it into my Xbox One and it worked fine. But now i do not play Xbox and whenever i try to use it for my PC a downloading bar at the bottom of my screen will flash then disapear. The icon is a picture of the hard drive so i do not know what exactly i am doing wrong and i hope someone can help.

Operating system: Windows 10
Computer: ASUS ROG G20

please help. Best regards Mike

Did you try initializing and formatting your hard drive within Disk Management? Windows will not let you use your hard drive until then since the unit’s file system will not be compatible with your computer.


Did you ever get the drive working back on your pc?