Please help!

I have the My book essential 2TB USB 2.0.  Last night I started updating the software, my puppies ran past the power cord and pulled it out, since then I have not been able to get my laptop to open the external drive.  When connecting the drive it makes the noise that something is connected, but it doesnt show up under my computer and when I open the WDSmartWare it shows only my laptops files, not the portion I know I have updated to the external drive. 
I have like 3 years of pics/files etc backed up onto the external drive.  Can anyone please help!?

It’s probabbly corrupt. Some people have had sucess with Test Disk


I have the same disk. I didn’t have anyone pull any plug. But I still “all of a sudden” cannot access any of my data. It doesn’t show up in my computer anymore. Only in Diskmanager. This happened once before… I hoped that was a fluke. Why do people buy external disks? FOR RELIABLE BACKUP AND STORAGE!! NOT SOME PIECE OF ■■■■ THAT breaks every 2 months!!! SERIOUSLY WD… WTF?!