Please help with My Passport Ultra?

Dear all,

I have quite a few questions and would appreciate any help if you can!

I bought a ‘WD My passport ultra’ a few weeks ago and it was working fine. But then all the software disappeared. I found older versions of apps on the WD website but is this the same updated version as what was on the drive to start with and will it be compatible with Windows 8/ future Windows version laptops (I currently have Windows 7 but will be upgrading soon)?

If these programmes not the updated version, where can I find the updated new versions? Is there any way to reset my drive to how it was when I bought it?

My other question regards the SmartWare Pro software. Since all the software disappeared on my hard drive, is Smartware Pro that’s still installed on my laptop working to the best of its ability with the hard drive or should I uninstall SmartWare Pro and reinstall it?

If I do this, does this mean I lose another activation (as I only have 3 activations available)?

Another related question; if I deactivate SmartWare Pro on my laptop, do I then have 3 activations left or only 2 activations?

Apologies for the multiple questions, if you can help answer at least one, you’d help me out a lot.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community

The versions of the programs on the WD website are the latest versions. and on the download section you should be able to see the compatible Operating Systems that will work.

If the version of Smartware you have on you laptop is the same you have had there should not be any problem, you should not uninstall it, but just in case you can check to see if this is the latest update for the software.

Regarding the activation i recommend contacting support so they can clear this out for you or lets see if there if another user can help you out and share some information and tips on this matter.

Hope this clears some things out for you.