Please help, why can I not see my Shares files when I remote login from the Web

Hi Please can someone save me???/

I have set up and installed my WD My Book Live disk on my home network… so far I can see my mapped drive and the content that I have saved to it. however, when I try to view the content via the WD2go site I can only get as far as my “shares” items it states that I have 2 shares but I cannot see any folders or content? please can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

strange as I can view the detail via my ipad with WD 2go Pro ok?

Greatful for any assistance.

Did you tried pressing the reset button?

Don’t reset the unit yet. I don’t believe that will help at all. 

Are you trying to connect using WD2go from a computer that is on the same network as your NAS? I have had lots of strange problems trying this. 

The WD2go is made to be a remote connection. I believe there is a KBA for this, if it is your problem.

If you are trying to connect from another network, then there must be something else wrong.

When it gets to your shares, is there a “Connect” button to the right?

What system are you using? Mac, Win7, etc?

Since your iPad is working, it would appear to be somthing with your computer that needs to be modified. So that is a good sign.

HI Thanks for your response,

I am using Windows Vists 2007. The issue is I can see it on my ipad but only via WD2go Pro app., and not via the internet using

Same with the laptop? The strange this is that I can log in, see the drive, even see that it says “Shares” but then thats is theres nothing else.

I am so cunfused about this, I was tesing the URL acess route to this drive so I can hopfully acess the content of my music vids ect when I am not withing reach of my home network…?

Any further Ideas???

You see “Shares”… is there anything listed below that?

I am looking at mine and it shows “Shares”, then below the shares are listed.

If your shares are not being listed then it is probably due to Java not installed / running. I use Chrome mostly, and each time I visit it asks me if I want to allow Java to run. Until I say OK I see “Shares” but nothing else… which sounds like your problem.