PLEASE HELP. wdtv live hub reboots on wd welcome page

i was editing the themes, when the hub suddenly restarted, now it wont even get past the loading mochi page, and it reboots again.

tried to disconnect from network, tried to press the reset pin below, nothing works. i need, it needs to go back to the default mochi theme, but i don’t know how to do that since it doesn’t even load the menu any more. :frowning:

i finally got a solution from joeySmyth, if anyone encountered the same problem, check here:

For some reason the link you posted says: Server Not Found ?

This one however works… no probs :slight_smile:

Ya, it was missing the “:” after the http.

Nah, he accidently doubled up the http//

Server Not Found:


Server Found Working :slight_smile: