[PLEASE HELP] Unable to restore files from an old laptop's backup

After purchasing a new laptop, I went to restore my old files from the previous laptop which had been backed up on a WD MyPassport. After installing WD Backup I was able to view the files I could restore, but I was short on time so I only restored some of them, before disconnecting the drive.

Unfortunately, upon returning to restore the rest of the files, WD Back now just says “There are no files to restore. You have not set up a backup plan” and I cannot find a way to restore those other files. If I set up a backup plan it only starts backing up the NEW laptop, and I STILL can’t seem to restore the older files from my old laptop.

PLEASE HELP. I can see that the old files are still there, but they’re encrypted so I can’t seem to restore them otherwise. How can I get them back?!?

Hi Alec1,

WD backup restore from another computer must be done during the initial set up wizard only. You should make sure the WD Backup Setup screen is not closed and Back up Files is not clicked. If the WD Backup Setup screen is closed or Backup Files is started on the new computer, the original computer backups will not be visible in WD Backup.

However, you can try to view or access files backed up using WD Backup from WDBackup.swstor folder created after backup. From here, you can physically view or copy backed up data to another location. Refer below article to know more about this.

How to view or access data backed up with WD Backup