Please help! New to MyCloud, New 2TB MyCloud is full of "other" and has a red light

Hi, Apologies for the fact that I’m not at all techie-minded, I have bought a new MyCloud 2TB to back up my W10 PC. From what I’d read I assumed that would be simple. All the instructions did was get me as far as creating a Mycloud account, using which I got to a dashboard. Nothing there seems to help with how to backup the PC. . By scrabbling around I found some things to download I found something called Sync which looked like it was supposed to be for backups and downloaded that. I got a page up that invited me to set back ups , do “backup now” etc. I asked it to “backup now” several times and nothing happened. Nada. No files or data moved to the WD. I set scheduled backups and nothing happened. I could see they were scheduled but when it got the appointed time there was a brief whirring of hard disk and the schedule just ticked over to the next day, with nothing useful happening. I then looked around again and found something called. “WD Access”, and downloaded that which invited me to upload files, so I did. Over the course of several hours documents, photos etc uploaded to it. So it seemed that was what I needed to get started. I assumed it would back up changes from there… But 2 days later all I have are error messages. My PC has under 300GB of storage space used. The MyCloud dashboard told me the day after the upload that it had stored about 220GB of docs, photos, music. Now it just says it is filled up with 1.96TB of “Other” leaving it with no capacity. The error messages I’m getting are that it cannot sync because it has no storage space and that the “share” “public” has been deleted/ does not exist. I don’t really know what that means but I haven’t touched those or their names. When I went to Programs on the PC and navigate to WD Sync, for a day or so that got a page up (as above). Now when I click it nothing happens. Same for WD Access. The MyCloud itself has a red light not blue. If I Power off and back on it flashes blue for a few minutes then is solid blue for long enough to tell me it can’t sync then goes red. Can you please explain what I have done wrong and how to fix it? Many thanks for any contributions and apologies again if this is a basic query out of my own non-techie capabilities!

Look at this for help, , read all the Help info provided in the Dashboard Help. Read the User Manual for the My Cloud. Watch the Video Tutorials.

Visit the Learning Center.

Thanks for the reply. After another reboot of my PC I can now access WDSmartWare again and now realise that as I was trying to retrospectively remember what I’d done without being able to access anything I was confusing SmartWare and Sync in the above. Apologies for any confusion. Using SmartWare I have on the left hand side the folders I want to sync. They total about 20GB (at the moment they are only the files on my CDrive). They are coloured yellow. I can see them replicated on the right hand side under the MyCloud icon, in grey. But also there is 1.8TB of “Additional files”. This is what is clogging up my MyCloud, after just a few days. There is nothing that I’ve found in any of the dashboard help/tutorials/user manual that helps me with what this is, how it has been created or how to resolve it… Any help on that gratefully received! And just to be clear, it It has 0.0kb free and a red light. It also gives error messages saying power loss detected on port 1. Thanks

Smartware is a backup tool. Sync is a sync tool. Backup and sync are subtly different processes. You need to decide which process you actually want to use.

If you only have 20GB of data you have backed up from your PC, and still have that data on your PC, I would do a Quick Factory Restore, which will delete everything off the MyCloud, and set it up again, having read the manual, and maybe having a better idea of how it works.

I’d recommend learning how to map the MyCloud shares as network drives, and possibly about alternative backup/sync tools, e.g. FreeFileSync.

@markyb63 Here are a couple of images showing information on the backups from SmartWare. I hope they will help.

Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them and see complete image.

In this image you can see that the content gauges are changing color as the backups are completed.

Read all the information>Help that is provided in SmartWare.

How many other shares/users do you have, how many versions are kept of files?

I have my Horace share with a lot of backup on it and my Public share that has some on it.

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