Please help me fix Twonky :(

I updated firmware to fix the heartbleed issue. Sadly this got rid of my twonky fixes. I have brought most of my personal tweaks back but one of them was originally posted on the twonky forum, now offline.  I remember editing config.js in the twonky files but I can’t recall what I added. The fix I am trying to apply corrects the hostname issue when navigating to twonky interface. I can navigate to (ip of the NAS) at port 9000 just fine and my library shows up. Unfortunately, trying this from the hostname (in the case “nas”), I am unable to see any of my library. The video link shows up still but there are no thumbnails or videos. I seem to recall this was an issue with relative links in twonky versus a hardcoded ip address. Any one have some info? Thanks

yes yes. so you’ve said. please let me try to get actual answers thanks :slight_smile:

Hi djh816, if I understand correctly you can only see your library when you access the Twonky dashboard using the IP address but not the hostname? Have you verified if this happens when connecting the My Cloud directly to the PC?

You may need to append the “.local” domain at the end, if your router isn’t providing DNS for local addresses.



It works perfectly when I use the IP address but the hostname just doesn’t show the library. It still loads the webui for twonky though. The hostname works fine and I can access all the other wd webui stuff from it. The issue is that I cannot browse the library through the hostname (rather than the IP). This prevents me from using my domain name to remotely browse my media (I don’t use WD cloud)


Here is a screenshot from browsing via IP (works perfect):

And now via hostname (fails):

I’m guessing this may be Twonky getting the host name from en environment variable %HOSTNAME% . Try changing this Twonky configuration item in Twonky to the same name as your My Cloud NAS, restart it and see what happens. You can always put this back if it does not work.

Also try http://nas:9000/ and not nas:9000/

Twonky isn’t set up to allow remote browsing. Go look up phibertron’s how-to’s on the twonky forums for a feeling of how much modification is required to allow that.

I have tried various combinations of remote access and tls enabling but no luck. If I enable tls, I can get a login prompt on the remote access port but the usual password does not seem to work. Also I am unable to perform any edits on the config.js file as it’s on a read only partition… (my cloud mirror)

Alternate idea, anyone know of a good http file browser? All I want is a basic folder view functionality for my media (with no WD cloud login)