Please Help- MacBook "sees" my EX2Ultra. Windows 8 and 10 do not

I would be thankful if someone could possibly offer suggestions on why my My Cloud EX2 Ultra is showing up, and accessible, in MacOS finder, but it recently disappeared from my windows 10 laptop and Windows 8 desktop, and I have not been able to recover it. I have rebooted my router (Apple Time Capsule) and modem, but the My Cloud does not show up under my network in Windows.

I use my windows machine for Plex, as my MacBook is a business unit. The situation is very frustrating as the MY Cloud WAS showing up on both windows units, but the next day when I booted up the laptop/desktop it was completely absent from either, and has been missing ever since.

I’m also uncertain if this is important, but the MyCloudEX2Ultra shows up under “Storage” in windows explorer. But when you click on it, takes you to the Diagnostic website successfully. It does not give access to my 9GB of photos. It is just missing under “Computer” for my network.

-My Cloud is set up as DHCP
-Windows network is set to private
-Network discovery and file sharing is on
Thank you for any insight.

restart smb in my cloud should work, or u can just type the ipadress in windows exploer, and add it as a network storage


Did you ever get this taken care of?

Not yet. I’ve been out of town on business, until Dec 9.

Let me know when you get back.