Please Help...I'm BRAND New and not savvy

Ok.  I JUST bought the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.  I am trying to get it to play files that I have on my computer.  I attempted to follow the directions but since the directions are written for people that are computer litterate, and I am not, I simply don’t understand.  Is there an idiots guide on how to set this up?  This much I know:  I have both my computer and the WD TV Live device on the same network.  But I have no idea how to view the files on my computer on the device.  Please help me.  And to the WD people, PLEASE come out with a more user friendly instruction manual that makes sense to non computer people,



Have you check the user manual for the unit…

Make sure that you have the folder for the movies shared on the network

Also check the workgroup to make sure that they are in the same network

I have read the user manual as I stated in my post.  As for making sure the movie folder is shared on the network or checking the workgroup to make sure they are in the same network…I have no idea how to do that…as I said, I don’t speak computer.  Is there an idiots guide to how to do this??