Please help hard disk without full space

I have wd hard disk it is supposed to be 500Gb but it shows only 160 Gb
I have formated it lots of time but it still 160Gb

Have you tried looking at it with Windows Disk Management? There maybe unallocated space that is outside the 160gb partition you keep formatting.

Was the hard drive used on some other device/system?

Yes I did and it is showed on bois as 160 FIFA how ever it’s 500giga

What’s the model number?

They told that the head of the hard is locked and may be by program you can reopen the rest space of the hard

I searched the model number with google. All the specs I could find, none from WD, indicate it is a 160GB drive. I don’t know where you got the idea that it is 500GB. WD usually starts their model numbers with “WDXXX”. The “X”'s being the size of the drive. These are the specs I found all over the internet for that model:


Capacity: 160GB
Speed: 7,200RPM
Interface Types: SATA
Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive
Sector Size: 512 / 512e
Sustained Throughput: 61
Electrical Interface: SATA 300 - 3.0Gbps
On-Board Cache: 16MB

So…I’m convinced you’re not going to see more than 160GB from this drive.