Please help for WD sync driver...for mac 10.6.8

I bought WD my cloud personal 1 week ago, i tried to find “WD Sync” and “WD Access” driver for mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8 but no where avaible anymore, the newest version “WD Access” support osx 10.7 or higher, and “WDSync_Updater_for_Mac_2.0.0.55” not work with my os, i opened it and it copied to App folder with new name" WD Sync installer", i opened it, but it said “support osx 10.9 or higher”… dont want to upgrade my osx because im using macbook pro mid 2011 so osx 10.6.8 is the best! please help me the link to download old “WD sync” version support osx 10.6.8 and “WD Sync” working for osx 10.6.8…thank you very much!


Sorry to hear that. At the moment, there’s no previews version available through the WD Support site.


I have the same problem. My Cloud is useless if one cannot adminestrate it.
So please give us WD Sync and WD Access for OSX 10.6.8.
The ad said that 10.6.8 is supported. That was the reason I bought it.

I had never even heard of WD Access. So I looked it up.

This download contains the latest version of WD Access for Windows [sic] that supports the newly released WD Cloud Personal Cloud Storage device. This is a utility that will discover your WD Cloud device on your network and provide you tools for uploading files, access to the WD Cloud dashboard and other shortcut features.

I’d suggest that this is another ‘hand-holding’ app that probably isn’t necessary, like many of WD’s apps.

You should be able to ‘discover’ your MyCloud using Finder.
You CAN access the Dashboard using a web browser.
You CAN do all file management using Finder, providing you link the MyCloud into Finder’s file system. This is, IMHO, by far the preferred route for local network file access; treat the MyCloud like any other storage device.

Likewise, WD Sync is a support tool that isn’t strictly necessary. I’m not sure it’s the best sync tool, either. You can use any third-party file synchronisation program; you are not forced to use WD’s app.

Yes, it would probably be nice if WD supported legacy operating systems, but they’re not the only company or software supplier who don’t.

Your MyCloud isn’t useless without these tools; other tools can do the job just as well, if not better.

The WD Sync for Mac software for use with the single drive My Cloud devices have never supported OS X 10.6.8. The release notes for WD Sync for Mac indicate that Mac OS X 10.9 and higher were supported in the initial version (v2.0.0.55) that was released on 9/24/2015.

As for WD Access for Mac its not clear if that software supported versions earlier Mac OS X 10.7. The Internet Archive Way Back Machine doesn’t list the WD Access for Mac software in a snapshot of the site taken on 7/12/15. The current WD Access for Mac software was released on 7/13/15.

As Cpt_paranoia explained one can access, setup, and configure the WD My Cloud WITHOUT the use of the WD software. One only needs a web browser to access and configure the My Cloud and the Mac Finder (or Windows File Explorer) to move or access data files on the My Cloud. The WD software makes it easier for one to access the My Cloud but there are other methods of access that will work if one doesn’t use the WD software.

If you have not already done so please take some time to read the WD My Cloud User Manual. that manual explains how to access and administer the My Cloud without using the WD software. Specifically in the User Manual see Chapter 5, The Dashboard At a Glance for more information on how to launch the Dashboard (used for configuring the My Cloud).

Hi Bennor, hi cpt_paranoia,

okay, I understand that there is no WD Access for 10.6.8. I can access the cloud and mount it.
If I want to get to the dashboard - I used several browsers - it says I have the wrong password or a wrong username. I did a reset. No success (I have screenshots of my password and username and I know they are right).
Other people on the forum have the same problem after they did a firmware update.
My Cloud-Settings are on “auto update firmware”. So since I cannot downgrade I have to wait for the next firmware update to fix my problem.
If you have any other suggestions to get to the dashboard please let me know.
Regards Markus

Which reset did you do? The 4 second reset or the 40 second system restore?

When you perform a 4 second reset via holding in the reset button on the back of the My Cloud, it is supposed to erase the “administrator” password. From what I remember (but I might be wrong) after a reset one shouldn’t have to enter a password to access the Dashboard post 4 second reset until they reconfigure their Administrator account within the My Cloud Dashboard.

I did a reset.

From the user manual:

Resetting the My Cloud Device
Resetting with Power On
If you have set a password or a static IP address on the My Cloud dashboard and have forgotten it, pressing the reset button while the device is powered up resets the password to the default value of none and to default IP settings. The default IP setting is DHCP. Resetting does not erase your files.
Follow the instructions below to reset the device using the reset button:

  1. With the device powered on, insert a paper clip or narrow-tipped pen into the reset button slot on the back of the unit:
  2. Press and hold down the reset button for four seconds. The device will reboot (this may take up to three minutes).