Please Help! Folder icons WILL NOT work for me

Please help! I cannot get folfer icons to work no matter what I do.  My folder structure is very simple.  All my movies directly into the Videos folder except for Home_Movies, Animation, Sci-Fi and StandUp_Comedy.  Everything is great except that I can’t customize the folder icons.  I have tried everything from the forum. I’m also using the latest Mojo theme.

1- Naming the folder icons I want folder.jpg.

2- Delete the wd_tv/thumbs folder and cold reboot the Hub.

I have tried different variations of the all the suggestions on the forum as follows:

1- Name the icons Folder.jpg or 1folder.jpg or 1Folder.jpg instead of folder.jpg.

2- Name the icons the same name as the folders like Animation.jpg, Sci-Fi.jpg.

3- I even replace the thumbnails in the wd_tv/thumbs with the icons I want by giving them the same names with no (JPG) 


WDTV_Live_Hub --> Videos [All Movies]–> Home Videos



                                                                    StandUp Comedy

Regardless of what I do the default icons from the videos in those folders always override my icons.  I’m using the icons from the Genre_Folders pack from the forum.  Please help! I have no idea what’s wrong or what else can I try.




I have the same problem too. Someone tried to help me, but I continue to have no results. I must be doing something wrong because I was able to get it to work on the wdlive player and I must just be doing something wrong. Good Luck. I will be following your post.



folder.jpg       is the correct naming for an image inside a folder to be displayed.

A Number of Possible Causes as the why it’s not working for you.

  1. Is a “True Jpg” ?   You’re not naming .png to .jpg i hope ? (.png will only work if they are small Kb Size … large ones eg. 400kb png wont display …even if it’s renamed to jpg)

  2. What is the Dimension and KB Size ?  if it very large it wont display.  Typical  filesize is ‘Around’ 100k

  3. Saving .jpg as ‘Progressive’ can lead to troubles.

Also try ‘Clearing your Media Library in the Hub Options’ and Make Sure Medialibrary is ON.

If you still have troubles… upload one of the images you are having no luck with…

to this thread.

Have you tried naming the file as such: !folder.metathumb

I had the same problem. I was using folder.jpg and it wasn’t picking up the thumbnail. Since then, I added a !folder.metathumb. Now, both files are in the directory so I’m not sure which one is actually working but I am seeing the proper thumbnail.

Also, I did clear my library and delete the .wdtv folders before rebuilding the library. I am still having a problem with a few directories not showing the correct thumbnail. Not sure where it’s getting the images since the image it’s displaying is not even located in the directory, but I think it may be cached in the .wtdv/thumbs directory. I just tried clearing that out and am now rebuilding the library. We shall see.

[Edit] After deleting the above and rebuilding the library, the thumbnails are now correct. A few things…I have one directory that only had a !folder.metathumb file and no images for each episode (this is a tv show). It used that image for the folder, but the not each episode. I then added a file for each episode as such: episode_file_name.metathumb and it now has the correct image for each episode. Hope this helps.

Thank you very much guys for helping. Unfortunately, i’m still unsuccessful at getting folder icons to work.  Since i’m a noob here, after much investigating, I’ll tell you guys what I think and hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

1- I’m using the Xzener’s Icons Gallery found here: I believe they’re fine.

2- I realize that the folder icons that keep overriding my icons are not local to the Hub.  They’re not even in the .backdrop folders. They’re being pulled via the xml file associated with the movie. Example:, which is the [(500) Days of Summer] icon that keeps showing for my Videos folder.

3- I have performed these individual steps followed by [Deleting the .wd_tv\thumb], [Clearing my media library] and

    [Restarting the hub].

    a) Naming the icons [folder], [!folder], [folder.metathumb], [!folder.metathumb], the actual name of the folder such as


    b) Placing the icons in the wd_tv\thumb folder with the [.thumb] name. Making the icons the same resolution as the

        displayed ones.

It doesn’t matter what I do, my icons get overriden by the default ones. It MUST have something to do with the xml.  The icon for my [Home Videos] folder works fine. I tested it with different icons and they worked.  I changed [Get Content Info] to [Manual] and the icons still get overriden.

I hope all that info will help the experts in here to point me in the right direction.

When I first got it, my hub would seem to choose the 1st alphabetical .jpg file it would find in each folder as the folder’s image. This was using FW 2.XX that came installed on it. I use images that appear to be the same as yours but I used Thumgen and a phony video clip and the TW No Cover Box template to create an image that looks like the rest of my movie covers. I found that using Folder.png (Yes a real .PNG file) in each folder works for my hub. I’m using the MoJo and Darklight themes from Tinwarble with FW 3.01.19. Not a perfect situation but I can deal with it.

Here you can see how it looks…