Please add Frame-Forward and Frame-Backward to next firmware

When watchind a video, upon pausing there should be a way to setp forward (or backward) frame-by-frame.

Frame by Frame… hmmm no I disagree. It not a video editing software.

Rewind, yes, fast wordward, yes…

why do you need it frame by frame?

…are you serious?  (it has nothing to do with editing…)

Every DVD player and most DVRs have Slow Motion (forward and backward), as well as Frame Advance and Reverse.  When playing a DVD that was ripped to my WD drive, I expect the same operational control as when played via a DVD player.

You know what they say about expectations… WDTV is a media player, not a ‘specialized’ DVD standalone and so it has to support much more codecs but not necessarily all the features of one codec/container.