Please, add decoding of current free codecs like "opus" and "webm"

It is already 2022. The “opus” format is widely used by those of us who prioritise quality in a reduced file size, which also means much shorter download times. Why is it that neither the application nor the web version can yet play “opus” files? The same goes for “webm” video files that can also carry an audio track in “opus” format. In the web version, there would be no problem because all “decent” browsers have long been able to play these formats.

Please implement this feature in the next release!!!

May want to post (or move your post) to the OS5 Product Ideas subforum…

Don’t guess how to move so, if some administrator know how to do it, please, he can move it.

You, as the thread creator should be able to move the topic. If there is an edit icon (edittitle) to the right of the thread title, click it and it should give you the option to change the thread title and a drop down box where you can change the subforum the thread resides in. Example:

Done. I really thought the edit button was just for changing the thread title.