Playlist creeator hlp

on my hub i have music folder with x amount of albums using playlist creator i made a folder in the root called playlists

then in creator the save location is E:\playlists i then did name and type zztop - best of.m3u

i then put the tracks in the order i wanted them to play etc i then did creat list, all worked fine i went into playlist folder i created my album was there and the order i wanted…great   now can i have this play list in the actual

zztop folder inside music folder instead of having to go into playlists folder, could i not stick that m3u playlist inside

the folder if you know what i mean

As long as the playlist knows where the tracks are I believe that you can stick it anywhere. It certainly does not have to be in a playlist folder.

i didnt work, i saved the m3u playlist within the same folder as the songs

RichUK is correct, they can be anywhere. I have playlists in various places and they all work. The main issue is how you have your music fitered. I have every album in an individual folder and keep the filter order by folder. If you do that you wont see the ones in the root directory.

One cool thing you can do though is filtrer by playlist. Hit the green buttong and choose filter and then playlist. You will see a list of all the playlists you have. Works great.

good luck


thanks i can see that now, i notice there are some cue files if i click on one it say no media, but the ones i created work like you said, how do get rid of unwanted cue files i tried deleting one but its still there, im reorganising basically

I’ll bet you’re not making your playlists RELATIVE.  

Paste a sample of the contents of one of your playlists so we can have a look.

If you’re reorganizing your media library, you’ll need to have your Hub re-scan the contents.

OPTIONS – RESCAN should do it.

some of the album cues im trying to delete are flac would that have any bearing why i cannot delete its cue

ok i figured it, alli had to do was as windows show all files go to album there was the cue file, so i just did a search for all cue files in music folder deleted all in one go, now ill make use creator properly, i did notice in playlist view i cannot see the album icons in the list