Playlist Creation from the MYCloud NAS Music Folder?

I need some more help here.

I have flac, 500 CD’s. and some HD audio Cd’s on my network WD MyCloud NAS. I used VLC to build a Playlist .m3u file that is the standard for Playlist. I stream from OPPO 105d, and a Denon AVP-A1HDCI that I use for media audio playback from the Music Folder on my the MyCloud Nas.

I put the .m3u file in my NAS music file but neither of the devices see the Playlist.

They have Playlist tabs, but those Playlist do not appear.

I have no idea how to use playlist with these devices, or how to build a .cue playlist.

Oppo told me to use playlist .cue files.

How do I make playable Playlist files.

I use a Mac and the desktop app that used to work for building playlist no longer works.

How do I build Playlist using the WD MyCloud?

Do you have and use Twonky? See example image below. I use Windows Media Player to create my playlist.

Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

Do you have iTunes and have you tried it to make Playlist?

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