Playing videos to Samsung TVs

I have a 3TB MyBookLive and have been loading my videos onto it (using Aiseesoft Bluray ripper) for playing to my Samsung D7000 smart TV. I have tried different formats for ripping the videos … some work and some don’t and yet according to my TV they should.  There doesn’t seem to be any logical pattern or format differences between what will play or what wont… I also have the same problem playing through my BluRay players.  I use Mezzmo there isnt a problem but this meens my PC has to be turned on, which I do not want. The TV and Bluray players see Twonky but downloading some just freezes them.  Is this because Twonky needs upgrading to version 7****, or am i doing something wrong … help.

Twonky has problems with the MBL if using MKV, so avoid those. You can upgrade to T7 if you hack the MBL via SSH and void the warranty. If you don’t want to do that then encode the files on AVI or MP4, not MKV.

I found out early that MKV dont work so I trancoded some to .mp4 , some to .avi and .ts with mixed results.  Some will play on my Samsung Smart TV some on either of my Samsung BluRay players.  I also have Mezzmo and it runs no matter what you throw at it, even my iTunes library. The only thing is Mezzmo needs my PC turned on.

I have the same problem. I have an LG 5500 series smart TV in a family room and DNLA wireless streaming works great and the TV plays just about all formats. I recently bought a Samsung smart tv for the bedroom and most formats dont work nor to the playback funtions (ffwd, rewind, pause, scrolling). So, I returned the Samsung and bought a new LG. The LG plays most of the formats (but not all the one’s the older LG plays) but none of the playback functions work when I stream over DNLA via Townky. However most formats and playback functions work fine when i connect a hard drive or flash drive via the USB port. Also, the file formats and playback functoins work when i stream media from a hard drive attached directly to my router and the playback features work when i stream media that is on my networked pc. So, it seams to me the problem is isolated to Townky but i don’t know how to resolve that.

I’ve copied the movies to MP4 format with H264 video codec and AAC audio. When the movies start to play it just goes into a continuos loading cycle. These work fine streaming onto my Android tablet, and when I play them connected via USB.