Playing Videos on Smartphone from MyCloud Drive

Is there an application for Android smartphones that can locate and play videos from MyCloud drive? Thanks.

Yeah, the My Cloud app.

Samsung standard video player is excellent… Also mx player plays a lot of file types.

As mentioned above the  WD My Cloud app for Android will list the files and allow you to play them. This app also has an option, once in a folder to list just videos, or audio, or image files.

You can also use any Android file manager like the free  ES Explorer File Manager to access the WD My Cloud server and its folders/files. There are a variety of video players availalbe that can play various media files see the Google Play store for them.

Edit to add: Those with the iOS see the WD My Cloud app for Apple.

Thanks to all that replied. Great info Especially about ES Explorer. That’s exactly what helped the most.