Playing Unlisted YouTube Videos

I have the WD TV Live Plus and I have noticed that it is unable to play “unlisted” YouTube videos even when I am logged in to my account and can see the videos in “My Videos.” The unlisted feature is relatively new to YouTube. It allows someone to upload a video that is only available to those who have the direct link to the video. I think that we should be able to view these types of videos on the WD TV Live Plus. When I try to play these types of videos I get a message telling me that the video is not available.

That’s a restriction that YouTube puts on the system.

I’d like the WD TV folks to keep and eye on this and if it becomes available to please add it in a firmware update. I found a forum post where a YouTube rep states that with respect to unlisted videos, “I’d expect that we’ll offer some level of support in the future, but I don’t have anything firm that I could announce yet.” YouTube currently allows unlisted videos to be viewed when logged in via their iPhone app so it would be nice to see it added to WD TV Live Plus if it does become available.