Playing SlideShows - mixture of .jpg & .mpg files


While travelling I regularly take short (10-30 sec) videos when a single .jpg would not do justice to the scene.

I like to find a way to run a slide show that includes a mixture of .jpg and .mpg files

Any sugestions on how to do this on the WD Live




I don’t think this is possible (Going to verify it). But I would recommend that you post this on the ideas section since I think it is a very good idea.

I don’t believe that can be done natively on the SMP. I do this though with 3rd party software, making a file that mixes both. There are many programs, some that come with windows/mac, some freeware and if course pay for software that allow you to take video and static picures, mix them together into a video, such as an mp4. Not perfect as you have to actually make the video instead of just putting stuff in a folder, but it is pretty nice since you have a single file that you can play, or give to someone else. An nice way to share vacation pic/videos with family and friends by emailing or posting online. I have also used this method for work several times as well to make marketing materials.

Good Luck



I have added it to the ideas section