Playing DVDs & music via media server

I have had my WD TV Live Plus for two days and I’m still learning how to tweak it and my library to make things work. My media is stored on a D-Link DNS-323 NAS box with the UPnP server enabled. I have ripped the main movie with DVDFab. Each movie (VOBs) is stored in its own video_ts folder under a folder named for the movie. I have the thumbnail saved as folder.jpg in the video_ts folder and the folder named for the movie.

WD has not fixed the issue of displaying folder.jpg when looking at video.

I’ve discovered in other posts that everyone “plays” the video_ts folder to play the entire dvd. When I do this, all I get is the display of folder.jpg. When I pick the first vob within the video_ts folder, the entire DVD will play without pausing between files if I access it through a network share. If I use the media server, the entire DVD will play, but there are pauses between files. The thumbnails do not display when accessing the media via a server. I’ve seen other posts about this, but didn’t see anything to correct it.

My audio library is mainly WMA with some MP3 that I started with WMP. I found the only way to play by genre, artist, etc. is to access audio via the media library. I have also found the genre does not necessary work and most tracks are identified as “other.”

Do others see this behavior?  My issues with the media server, are they due to the server or the WD Live? Other posts recommend the use of the media server for the most efficient playback, but I get pauses between vob files. I think the network share approach works well for video, but i would like to get the media server working well to play audio by artist and genre.

I am disappointed to hear that the WD does not compilate a library for NAS devices, but I’m looking to make the best of it.

I’ve found some posts on how to install Twonky on my D-Link DNS-323. I know they have a 30-day trial, but will it be worth my time? Will it perform better as a media server?

I’m doing exactly what you’re doing and have had zero issue … there is a way to do what you’re trying to do with FAB but based on what I’m reading you’re going about it a little backwards… send me a private message and I’ll give you a few hints on the best way to get this system to work with no hiccups.

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