Playing .avi files has pixels jumping all over the place

Hi guys,

i recently bought my WD Elements Play and unfortunately have been having problems with it even after downloading the latest firmware.

When i play .avi files (some files not all) my TV screen occasionally locks up and gets pixels jumping all over the place (the audio still plays), note that those files play perfectly normal on VLC player on my MAC.

This is being a pain in the **bleep** so i hope i can get some help on how to fix this.



Beside the .avi files, it happens with any other file extension? Such as .mkv or .mp4?

I have this problem too.please help…thanks

not from what ive seen, most of my movie files are .avi anyhow so i cant really say.

i did notive some .mkv files dont play at all however…


I’m having the same exact problem. My avi files play fine on my PC, but they freeze, pixilate, and jump on the WD, even as the audio continues to play. I’ve tried converting them to MKV, but then I get the same message as the above poster about it being an unsuportted format, which I know is not true.

It’s very frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi. I have had a 2TB WDEP for over six months and I have over 1TB of  .mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .mov and .avi files, all of which play fine (except for known bugs like the aspect ratio, etc.). I mainly use Handbrake to rip my dvds, or download from iPlayer.

What software are you using to create your .avi files?

downloading my files in .avi format so not doing the ripping myself. do you know of anyway to fix .avi files which i havent ripped myself?


That is exactly my request as well–something to either clean up or re-process the avi files to do away with the pixilation and jumping.

I am also having the same problem.

has anyone fix the problem yet?

Please help. Thank you