Playing all files in a folder of MP3s repeating first track then is able to move to next songs

Hello, I have the WD TV Live Hub with firmware 2.02.19 and am having an issue I’m hoping others might have conquered.  I have a large library of mp3s on a network share that I am able to browse to without issues.

<\SHARE> -> <ALBUM_FOLDER> -> <TRACKS 1 thru ??>

The annoying issue I am facing is that while music playback repeat settings for the device are configured to ‘Normal’ when I select track 1 to play the whole folder the songs plays…completes…then repeats once.  After the track repeats it moves through the rest of the tracks in the folder just fine without repeating them.

<Click Play or Enter on Track 1> -> Track 1 plays -> Track 1 repeats -> Track 2 plays – Track 3 plays -> etc…

This happens for every album folder I have tried.  I upgraded from a WD TV Live that was able to play the exact same content without this apparent bug?  If you have encountered this problem please post if you have a solution or a work around to the issue.  Thanks!

Might there be a PLAYLIST file in the same folder?

Have a look at this thread - have you got any images in the folder?